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New York Times
Online & Print  May 9, 2009


October 7, 2003
Daily News
October 1, 2002

Village Voice

August 28, 2001

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Opened up for my favorite Robert Klein.

Steve Lazarus
On the Gong Show with Chuck Barris as the peanut vendor

Steve Lazarus
Me tossing my nuts.

Steve Lazarus
With Yankee Pitcher
David Cone

Steve Lazarus Steve Schirrpa
AKA Bobby Baccalieri

Steve Lazarus
Carrot Top giving
 me hair tips
Steve Lazarus
When Drew Carey opened
for me (Yea Right!)
Steve Lazarus
Derek Jeter and the Beer Man
Steve Lazarus
When I opened for Ray Romano
Steve Lazarus
On stage at the Riviera
 in Las Vegas
Steve Lazarus
Roasting my pal David Cone
at the NY Friars Club
Steve Lazarus
Me and "The Skipper"
Yankee Manager Joe Torre
Steve Lazarus
Wow made it to the Big Time!
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Clip of Steve on the Artie Lange Show Part 1
Clip of Steve on the Artie Lange Show Part 2

Clip of Steve at the Borgata

Clip of Steve at the Borgata 2
See Steve Live on Fox 5 & Live from Las Vegas


Steve in Commercial for P.C. Richards


See Steve at Governor's Comedy Club in Levittown, NY